Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dag Nasty and ALL videos

Dag Nasty 's first show with Shawn Brown on vocals. I've heard that before joining the Black Flagish Swiz Shawn Brown was kicked out of Dag Nasty because his vocals weren't melodic enough. Watching and listening to this to my ears he seems close to Can I Say period Dave Smalley. I heard this. I heard that. What do I believe?

And here's ALL playing The Descendents' song Coolidge. I did a double take when I noticed who was playing guitar.

There's two full ALL shows from the early nineties on this youtube channel and the sound quality is quite good.


shaolinpunk said...

Hey Crus, regards your Shawn Brown comment, have you not heard the 10 track 1985 pre-Can I Say demo with Shawn singing? He's a bit more shouty than Dave Smalley on that.

Chris said...

No, I haven't heard that demo although I intend to check it out soon. I have Swiz's No Punches Pulled album and he sounds a lot like Henry Rollins on a lot of that, which could easily be considered shouty.

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