Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Semi Lemon Kola - Before Heaven EP (1994)

In the Evilis post Semi Lemon Kola were mentioned both as a band Evilis thought were awesome and a band I had assumed were funk metal due to having as many words in their name as Faith No More and as many syllables as Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I found this EP in the bargain bin at Real Groovy Records along with the Evilis EP. Semi Lemon Kola have a myspace site which describes their sound as power pop and features this EP's title song, Before Heaven.

I have no idea which international acts to fairly compare them to. I hear bits of New Zealand bands Supergroove 's funk and Second Child's strong pop sensibility. Semi Lemon Kola changed their name to Propeller and set the precedent for File Under Letter S New Zealand bands with released material to become filed under the letter P however they never made the switch back to their original name.

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Track listing:

Before Heaven

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