Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leatherface - BBC Sessions

How many punk bands are there named after horror movie characters? I can only think of Electric Frankenstein, Horace Pinker (main character in Shocker) and Leatherface but there's bound to be more.
Anyway I first heard Leatherface back in 1991 during my tape trading days. Mush was one side and if I remember rightly Bob Mould sound-alike band Arcwelder were on the other. I played Mush numerous times in my often unreliable 1979 Ford Escort's cassette player and eventually the cassette made its way to the list of tapes eaten by an Escort. Here's the compulsory Lemmy singing for Husker Du description that you'll find on other blogs that accompany Leatherface posts. At times Frankie Stubbs vocals sound a little like some Tom Waits gruffer material to my ears.

I had originally planned to post the early Leatherface album Fill Your Boots which has covers of Elvis Presley'sIn The Ghetto and Elton John's Candle in the wind which they make their own as they always do with covers. However my internet research has revealed that Pid records re-released this 1990 in February of this year. Here's a youtube clip, unfortunately with distorted sound, of Leatherface playing You are my sunshine which demonstrates how this band do cover songs.

Anyway here are collected BBC Sessions (which I originally assumed were Peel sessions but listening to the Disc Jockeys proves not all of this is) Anyway I found this elsewhere on the internet.

Tracks are

Not Superstitious
One To Say
Peasant In Paradise
I Want The Moon
Not A Day Goes By
Cabbage Case
Do The Right Thing
Colorado Joe-Leningrad Vlad
Pale Midnight
I Cant Help Falling In Love With You

Get Leatherface's BBC Sessions

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ben said...

Amazing band. Check out their cover of The Damned - Melody Lee for a UK compilation.

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