Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grim Force - Circulation to Conclusion

I keep seeing Municipal Waste mentioned in various places that discuss punk and metal on the net. With Municipal Waste a fun game is spot the eighties influences. If their logo isn't a nod to Nuclear Assault then some of their cover artwork is although the cover to Waste 'Em All looks closer to Sodom's Persecution Mania album.

However back in the 80's a lot of Japanese bands were playing thrash metal and there were more metal bands around Japan than just Loudness. There was a Japanese black metal band called Sabbat, thrashers, Raging Fury, another called Sacrifice and a power metal band called Salem who were more on the Iron Maiden side of metal(I know this because I owned their demotape but it has unfortunately been misplaced).

Japanese band Grim Force are a lot like Municipal Waste in that they wear their 80's speed metal influences on their sleeves.
The band play Bay Area thrash not dissimilar to Exodus, Death Angel, Testament and early Metallica. I find the album cover reminiscent of Sepultura's Arise and the vocals are also reminiscent of Max Calvera's vocals on the Chaos A.D. album. Live Grim Force are very impressive and that motivated me to buy their CD after the first time I saw them in Taichung, Taiwan in a small club as part of a metal festival. The next time I saw them was on a bigger stage at the Formoz festival in Taipei. Both times their live act impressed me. The CD features riffing that the aforementioned 80's thrash metal bands would be proud of. To hear Grim Force try their myspace page.

Get the album. Arigato.

East meets West in Beijing. Testament with Grim Force.

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