Friday, July 11, 2008

Tilt- Play Cell (1993)

Tilt came out of the East Bay/Gilman street punk scene. This album is Tilt's first full length. Tilt are a female fronted punk band with strong vocals provided by Cinder Block. Play Cell is their debut which came out on Lookout Records but Tilt's later album releases are on Fat Wreck Chords. The song Crying Jag which is on Play Cell also appears in the Glory Daze movie soundtrack.
Crying Jag can be heard on the Tilt myspace page.
Tilt only lasted until 2001 however singer Cinder Block went on to provide punkier vocals for Retching Red.

Get Tilt - Play cell


convertido said...

another great post, I had the pleasure of seeing them before and after this one came out and they were great both times. . . keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that post, I prefer the early stuff to the fat wreck stuff...

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