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Lung Album discography

Hailing from Palmerston North, New Zealand band, Lung were around from 1990 -1995. In his book Ready To Fly, David Eggleton describes the band as an industrial band heavily influenced by former Palmerston band The Skeptics. In the early nineties Rip It Up magazine grouped the band with Shihad and Bailterspace as part of a local industrial movement. Lung were originally The Clear who came out of the ashes of Palmerston North's Ode records signing Thin Red Line and released an EP of New wave/pop.

The Clear's line up changed completely and the band recorded Live Stomach in 1990 on a 4 track at Palmerston North's Stomach music centre which had recently been set up. On the Yellow Bike records catalogue Live Stomach was described as thrashy pop based punk rock songs from the precursor to Lung.


1. Temptation
2. The quiet sleeping
3. Trees in Autumn
4. Dinosaur
5. Backyard Boy
6. Full Moon
7. Why did we ever come to this place?
8. This darkness
9. Killing time
10. I like to Fish

If I remember rightly, why did we ever come to this place? had a video which received TV airplay on the revamped Radio With Pictures.

Get Live Stomach.

The band changed their name as they were sometimes confused with the Flying Nun band The Clean and a few people were disappointed learning that it was not the reformed Dunedin band touring. Lung's Cactii album was recorded at Writhe studios by Brent McLachlan from Bailter Space and The Gordons. Screams from the gutter describes Lung as one of the greatest bands you never heard. Their sound could easily fit in with the sound of Touch and Go Records or Amphetamine Reptile. The only band that comes to mind with a similar sound is Wreck(on C/Z Records. Their sound could be described as dark, a little noisy, moody, disturbed. Like a strange blend of Chokebore, old Cows, and Flour.

Full Moon again is not on this file as it's the same song as Full Moon on the Live Stomach album. As I lived in Palmerston North for quite some time I saw Lung/The Clear a number of times. Cactii was one of the first CDs I bought. At one stage I lived around the corner from the imaginatively named Albert pub which was on Albert street which was a band venue for a number of years. Times changed and the Albert became a sports bar and the former venue turned into a karoake bar. Noise complaints were still received. I know this because I lived opposite the Albert for almost a year. Also I was doing a computer course at Manawatu Polytechnic in 1991 and one of my tutors was a fill-in bassist for Lung at the Massey University orientation toga party.

Get Cactii

Cactii tracklist

1 She's got a gun 3:24
2 Sarah 3:36
3 Sleep 3:20
4 Sub 2:24
5 Lurch 2:47
6 Hardwired 6:15
7 Numb 3:52
8 Eat the Poor 3:51
9 Ride 2:34

Lung's 3 Heads on a Plate (1993) was mostly recorded in Germany but three songs were recorded at Palmerston North's Stomach studio. The Yellow Bike pressing had a different tracklisting to the US Restless pressing which included a couple of songs from the Cactii album. My tracklisting is possibly different again.

1. Car Crash
2. Compellor
3. Elvis Arsehole
4. Exit
5. Johnny Favourite
6. Melonoma
7. Paralysis
8. Resuscitate
9. Slaughterhouse
10. Splinter
11. Swing

Have 3 Heads On A Plate


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!I've heard Lung for years ago on a - i think german "Glitterhouse" sampler ? Very nice that you will share it.Thank you!

Mistrz Polędvica said...

Great man! Thanks for sharing this files.
I read about Lung together with Rake, Froit Head, Metal Market, Blunt, Sausage Roll, Yellow Bike Records and Stomach many many years ago in a Polish zine "Korek". It was 1994 and I was 15 at the time - it was impossible to get those records in Poland by that time. After years I can finally hear it.
Pure amphetamine!!!

Chris said...

Wow, that's awesome considering how the internet pretty much didn't exist then. I had no idea there was polish coverage of band from my hometown.

Anonymous said...

I'm crying with joy. I dicovered Lung's 'Cactii' on uni radio in 1992. My disc has succumbed to foil rot and is now unplayable.
It remains one of those albums I was used to listening to every few weeks ever since.
Now thanks to this blog I can get it again. Thanks guys!

If you're reading this and you're interested in hearing something dark and twisted, don't think twice, download it!

Kosmischeboy said...

Great to see something about Lung, my band Children of A Lesser Groove supported them on tour in the UK a couple of times, and my drummer Fozz filled in for Brent when he couldn't get into the UK for the second tour, great times and a great bunch of blokes!!!

Kowalski said...
"Full Moon Again" by Lung (1991)

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