Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sticky Filth, White Hart Inn, New Plymouth, July 19 2008

Pic: Craig Radford from Sticky Filth

I arrived in New Plymouth and some of the most amazing lightning struck the town accompanied by torrents of rain. Joe Satriani was headlining a show elsewhere in town and just down from the White Hart Hamilton metal band Chuganaut were playing an after-party for that particular show. The Sticky Filth show had been promoted as an after-party for the Roller Derby event. Before this show I'd never made it to New Plymouth's White Hart Inn despite seeing a lot of shows that I'd like to have gone to advertised over the years. I arrived soon after the doors opened and watched a little bit of the Auckland Warriors beating the Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby League game.

The White Hart started filling up and the first band Inebriation took the stage. They hadn't played for a number of years because their singer died in a motorcycle accident. At times the band seemed to be a wall of noise but occasionally they came together well. Personally I thought they sounded best when Renae from 1080 sang with them although the final song with three different vocalists sounded great.

Pic: Inebriation

Next up were Sticky Filth who most people had come to see since they don't play many shows any more. They started with some teething sound problems.

The band started with the prologue and Craig got the audience to yell out 'Play some fucken beats, beatmaster' at the start of "Nadia". Sticky Filth played most of their material from the last twenty something years. Chris Snowdon stated from the stage "This band never ends. When we're eighty we'll still be playing gigs at anywhere that will have us." So they played most of the stuff from all three of their albums and a few newer songs but they did threaten to play all the songs they'd ever written. I'm sure they didn't do that but as they played for nearly 2 hours they must have come close. I don't remember either member talking between songs in past shows I've attended but I also don't remember Chris Snowdon doing vocals.

Highlights were hearing all of the Stainless album live, "Witch Hazel" and "Weep Woman Weep". I filmed some of the show with my digital camera but the sound from the camera doesn't do the band justice. It was well worth driving to New Plymouth for this show.

Sticky Filth have now added songs to their myspace page including the catchy classic Weep Woman Weep and there are also photos from this show.


Peter said...

They have Roller Derby here?!

Chris said...

Yeah, it's fairly new though. There's a TV item here: and the Pirate City Rollers website is here:

Anonymous said...

now I see it!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where i can find 1080's music??!?!?!? either as files or on disc!!

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