Friday, September 12, 2008

Net Searching - The Front (1989)

The internet has made it so easy to track down a lot of material from bands you were interested years go. A quick use of a search engine with a band name, album title and a file sharing site or "blogspot", a short waiting time after a few clicks and hey, presto the albums on your hard drive for your personal listening pleasure. The Front, who released one album which was self-titled, couldn't have known about the possibilities of the internet in 1989 or maybe they did and wanted to remain as mysterious as Jim Morrison's death. Lead singer Micheal Franano definitely had a Morrison fixation but channelled the Cult's still living Ian Astbury much better. Franano had a more than competent band behind him however the band never made more than one album. There's a better Alice Cooper song on this album than any of the shite A.C. was putting out in the late 80's.

Face The Front


Rinjo Njori! said...

In the early part of this decade Micahel hung out on the LES. A friend of mine knew him and he still performed. It took me years as well to track down this album. Great album

Matt said...

Wonderful surprise. Got a vinyl copy of this – it's one of those records of the era that looked to dark psychedelia as an antidote to that absurdly sterile late 1980s sound – like Masters of Reality, Burning Tree or even Electric and Love-era Cult. Rootsy and trippy, the Black Crowes meet Black Sabbath and get on famously talking about The Doors. Thanks so much for this blast!

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