Thursday, September 18, 2008

BB Bombed Again

Yeah, I know it's a repost but since I changed from sendspace to mediafire where the files are stored for much longer there'll be a few re-ups in the next few weeks. Besides these girls are worthy of your attention.

Live photo taken by me at Nuno's Live House in Taichung.

I've had a few posts about Japanese bands but haven't mentioned any Taiwanese bands despite spending half a decade in Taiwan. BB Bomb are an all girl punk trio from Taichung, Taiwan where they play regularly. BB Bomb play fast, tight catchy punk which is heavier than most punk from Taiwan. I caught them live a few times while I lived in Taichung. They seemed to play nearly every weekend.

BB Bomb formed in 2003 and have had a number of neverlasting drummers. However Nico, the latest drummer has been a stable member for a couple of year now.They have had a male drummer and an extra guitar player but went back to being a female three piece. The band gave Japanese punk girl band Akiakane a demo which led to a Japanese record deal. BB Bomb claim Bikini Kill, Japanese punk girl, Thug Murder and Taiwanese punk girl band, Ladybug as their biggest influences. Thug Murder are name-checked in one of BB Bomb's songs.

BB Bomb can be seen performing 'Say Goodbye' in this youtube clip.

BB Bomb have a myspace page which features their newer songs.

Their 14 minute 3 CDEP can be downloaded here


Pacifiction Records said...

Just searching around and found this post about B.B. Bomb, one of my favorite Taiwanese punk bands.

I also run the webshop Pacifiction Records where you can find both of BB Bomb's EPs (the 3 EP and the other one put out by Einstein) and the few comps they are on as well.

I have no problem with offering downloads and commend this blogger for getting this unknown punk rock out there. But if one wishes to own the official CDs, please visit:

I also run the Island of Sound site which I add stuff too periodically whenever I'm not in a rut. That can be viewed here:


Marty Shane

Chris said...

Good stuff, Marty. I used to check out your island of sound site when I lived in Taiwan.

I recommend getting the official CDs too.

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