Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feral Children

Every now and again I receive email telling me that the content of the blog is appreciated. The latest one was obviously a cut and paste from a record label representative who took the opportunity to email every music blogger with a visible email address about the band they're presently hyping. Otherwise I'm guessing this may be related to the The Pixies mention. Truth is, I think The Pixies were overhyped garbage for people who couldn't handle Killdozer. I don't know really know what a hipster is but I get the feeling Seattle band Feral Children is going to be called "hipster garbage" by more in the know music critics.

Sarathan Records have a free download of Feral Children's EP available if you're so inclined. You can get it from their record label site . There's also a link to Feral Children's myspace site which has songs. I recently downloaded Hugh Cornwell's latest album and fall asleep every time I listen to it. I expect the effects of listening to Feral Children's EP could be far worse. Update your will and ensure distance from sharp objects before downloading.


Brushback said...

Ha ha ha, this is hilarious! I got that same e-mail, also. And your evaluation of The Pixies is dead-on.

Chris said...

Do you get the Mary Shelley Overdrive ones too?
I had an overwhelming feeling the actual content of this blog wasn't really looked at by the label rep.

The RIpple Effect said...

Funny, I got the Feral Children email sitting right here. Darn, all this time I thought I was special!

Loved the Pixies statement, never could figure out why I was supposed to like them.

Thanks for the link, my peacedogman brother. I've loaded you up on the Ripple Effect.

Keep the free world safe from bad music, my friend.

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