Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conquest for Death, Wellington, Oct 7th, 2008

On Tuesday night I went to see Conquest for Death play at Valve in Wellington. I made the questionable move of first parking my car on Marion Street, not far from the video shop. I was greeted with a knock on the car window by a person with a penchant for female appearance as soon as I parked up. I then moved the car further up the street.

First band up at Valve were Entrails, who sounded a little like Terror to my ears.

Above Pic: Entrails

Next up were Shortlived, who I wrote that I didn't really enjoy nearly a year ago at Punkfest 2007. They've got a new drummer and the original drummer now does all the vocals. There may be another guitarist since a year ago. I found them and thir hardcore sound a lot more enjoyable which is possibly due to both the passage of time and line-up changes.

Last up were Conquest for Death who with an Australian guitarist, a Japanese drummer and three Americans are a truly international band. They were an incredibly energetic band with some fantastic stage moves. The reasons the guitarist won the world air guitar championship were obvious.

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