Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Rocket Jocks- Next Stop; Moon

You might or might not have thought to yourself “How much fun can a live band with just two members and a drum machine really be?” In a live setting Gisborne duo THE ROCKET JOCKS are a helluva lot of fun with giant ants, lolly scrambles, synchronised facial expressions and dance moves with catchy RAMONES inspired pop punk. The band’s press kit is even great to read and displays a self-deprecating sense of humour. It states “If someone was into THE RAMONES or THE QUEERS or “The Lord of The Rings” or something like that, there’s actually a faint chance they could actually like them. If someone didn’t like that stuff though you can bet 10gp and your Sword of Smiting +2 that they’d pretty much hate them. Easy Money.” Fair enough.

The ROCKET JOCKS recorded E.P. “Next Stop; Moon” captures this band very well. It’s captivating super hooky pop punk from the C-R-A-Z-Y-4- U cheerleading chant that opens the recording through to the finishing lovesick dedication to Judy Jetson. Although the influences are obvious, it would be a huge mistake to write this band off as merely derivative due to the strength of their songwriting.“Invasion of the Giant Ants” is a live favourite and perhaps the poppiest condensed version of H.G. Wells’ short story. Its catchiness ensures singing along and a chorus that’ll stay inside heads for a long time.

“Why My Baby Won’t Go To The Movies With Me” and “Pen 2 Paper” are poppy upbeat songs that cover girl problems. “Nobody Else” is reminiscent of THE DESCENDENTS pop sensibilities of “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”. “Nazgul Hop” is pure RAMONES worship. Album closer “Judy Jetson, I Love You” wears a white T-shirt under a leather jacket with slicked back “Grease” hair. Wella wella.

Given the evidence presented, it is somewhat puzzling that THE ROCKET JOCKS seem to be eternal openers. The sixteen tunes on “Next Stop; Moon” are all short, sweet and great pop punk pleasure.

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