Monday, February 2, 2009


Sooner or later some bloggers reveal the weird searches that get them hits. My personal favourites that have brought people to ths site are "My Descendents vinyl copy of I Don't Want to Grow Up", it's bad.", "What is the difference between a big drill and a small drill?", "all men are cunts", "small jocks" (do these people look for big jocks first then downsize?) and "Bon Jovi lyrics female background singer".

Of course, there are always those that find this site by searching for porn. Ois 2 Men calling their first cd-r "All yous cunts can fuck off" has no doubt disappointed more than a few searchers as have Red Hot Pussy Liquor just through their band name alone. Jesus Fucking Christ brought a searcher from Thailand who was interested in finding a blasphemous sex show. How do Buddhists blaspheme? Jesus Fucking Christ recently made a video for "Life's Hateful Seed". Due to the wonder of youtube, you can watch it. Don't expect to see the video on mainstream TV any time soon.

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