Saturday, February 21, 2009

Memory Loss

Legonic Trap were one of those Japanese bands I saw in a small club in Taiwan. Actually thinking about it, I didn't actually see them but watched Taiwanese folk punk band Children Sucker, Japanese rock/rap crossover act Poplar and Taiwanese pop band Backquarter. I had hoped that Children Sucker had grown in popularity but the small club was packed with university aged Taiwanese girls due to the radio and magazine friendly Backquarter. I went with my recently arrived South African flatmate whose name now escapes me.

I remember talking wth the singer of Poplar afterwards as she spoke great English and talking to one or two of the guys from Legonic Trap. One spoke English and one couldn't. There was a banner up for the length of the show that Legonic Trap had brought with them that stated "Let's Punk Rock". Truth be told, their sound is closer to Weezer and some 90's pop punk like Blink 182 than the Pistols and The Stooges. The lyrics and song titles are in both Japanese and English.

Get Trapped.

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