Monday, February 16, 2009

Throwing Muses - San Francisco Bathhouse Wellington, New Zealand Jan 12 2009

Above pic: Hoopla!

The good thing about some music blogs is that unlike magazines sometimes you get up to the minute reviews. This is not one of those times. This show happened over a month ago and I've only just got around to typing about it here.

The support band were called Hoopla!. They are a three piece indie girl band and play girlie indie pop and use a keyboard. I enjoyed their set even if it wasn't exactly breathtaking.

Throwing Muses played their only New Zealand show in Wellington. Good reviewers would probably put a setlist here but despite owning four of their albums I have no idea what most of the songs played were called. I can however tell you that they played Limbo and didn't play Freeloader(which Kristin Hersh played at her solo show last year). Compared to her solo show, Kristin Hersh seemed much more comfortable in a band situation. I saw a couple of gentlemen over 40 sticking fingers in their ears when the feedback on one song towards the end of their set was overpowering.

Here's a youtube clip of a Throwing Muses song. Unfortunately the sound's not the best as getting good recorded sound at the SFBH is still a challenge.



justin said...

What a joy to have seen this band. A voice like an angel. If I ever find the Lonely is An Eyesore comp featuring them I'll get it to you. Take care.

justin said...

Found it.

Chris said...

Thanks Justin. I will check that album out soon as I can.

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