Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brant Bjork, Bar Bodega, Feb 27, Wellington, New Zealand

Arrived as Auckland's Lord of Tigers were playing their High On Fire influenced rock. This three piece makes a helluva racket. There is a tightness to this fairly recently formed unit that gives them the feeling of a band that has been together for a long time. A death metal patched, denim wearing audience member made the comment that "They weren't too shabby". I had to agree with that comment as I thought they were quite impressive.

Headliners Brant Bjork and the Bros were then on and compared to the abrasive racousness of Lord of Tigers were mellow in comparison. The only Brant Bjork solo material I'm familiar with is off his Punk Rock Guilt album from last year.

The mellow laidback hard rock provided by frontman Brant Bjork was backed up by a tight band. It was easy to see that all these guys genuinely love playing music. Brant Bjork played to the crowd and talked of returning to New Zealand. The Wellington show had a great vibe and was easily the best I've seen at Bar Bodega.

Somera S¢l

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