Thursday, March 5, 2009


All small towns have a mystery band. The band you never seemed to catch yet their name is on every second show or they recorded and split up after recording leaving no evidence of members names on their recorded product. On this four Palmerston North band compilation from 1992, Sausage Roll are such a band. Musically they take their cue from Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes, Camper Van Beethoven and other things brought to us by the letter V.

The first band Rake were heavily influenced by Big Black. I remember seeing them many moons ago on a cool mismatched bill with Eye TV when they were The Nixons. Rake and industrial band, Froithead shared a drummer at the time of this comp. A friend of mine reviewed this release for the Manawatu Standard and upset the drummer by describing Froithead as industrial. Unfortunately the paper wouldn't allow the word "shit" in their review section. Chances are if you like Crass and lisping female singers shouting over noise and loops you may actually like them. Ethiopian Lard Farmers are punk and in places, Paul Morris aka Boris sounds a little like Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks. Each band gets roughly a sixteen minute quarter before taking a break.

Get it.

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A2D Zine said...

I think the joke was that we (Froithead) didn't actually have a drummer. It was a drum machine. Was bloody awful anyway.

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