Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Basendrums and stuffs

I was sent some stuff to review by a record label> I'm not too certain how much they read the blog as some of this stuff veers more than a little from the usual content.

Here goes:

Slicnaton Basendrums(Extemporate)

Boring instrumental music that monks might listen to on the quiet comtemplatve road to Nirvana. For people who consider the sound of a dripping tap to be music.

Remora - Derivative (Siber Records)

Instrumental post-rock music that would likely be those who listen to Mogwai, Clione-Index, 8mmSky or Explosions in the Sky. These songs are reworkings of the likes of Joy Division, Warrior Soul and Pere Ubu. Not something I'd reach for but it's not bad. The final song Love Corrupt strikes me as the strongest song with the audible loops in the background and and the guitar sounds taking foreground.


- Electrical Mess

I saw another review which compared this band to The Smiths. I must be getting deaf in my old age because I don't hear Morrissey and Johnny Marr in this band at all. There's a female singer who sounds a little like Shirley Manson singing over guitar feedback that comes and goes in the title track. If the song was coming from a transistor radio you'd put the aerial up to kill the static noise. "Die Die Slowly" is music Portishead fans would eat up. It's slow building but with those sultry vocals over the top of shoegazer guitar reverb. "Shapes and Trees" has a pulsating New Order style electro-dance beat. There's a couple of live tracks with audience noise that distract more than a little from the music.

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