Monday, October 5, 2009

Shihad/The Living End/Airbourne Wellington Town Hall Oct 4

The last show I went to in Wellington Town Hall was Pantera back in the mid-nineties and the last time I saw Shihad was a year or so later.
Due to the show actually starting on time and eating beforehand ended up missing Luger Boa. Walked in before Aussie bandAirbourne undertook their AC/DC worship. They put on an impressive live show even if the sound may have been a little off.

Above: Airbourne

Airbourne's fellow countrymen, The Living End came and did their Midnight Oil meets Green Day via The Stray Cats thang. Although I've never heard a full album by this band I recognized a number of songs. If I'd never seen a band with an upright bass before I might have been blown away.

Above pic: The Living End

In their hometown Shihad confirmed they are still a strong rock band opening with "My Mind's Sedate" and playing tracks off most of their releases. Churn and their self-titled album were overlooked in favour of mostly poppier tunes. Two songs from Killjoy and "Passengers" were played. It was a little disappointing that "Run" was chosen as an encore rather than "Home Again". Shihad comfired that they're still a very strong live band.

Above pic: Shihad

It seemed strange leaving a show almost an hour before midnight regardless of it being a Sunday night. It's puzzling as to why security tell you that the upstairs seats are all taken when there are in fact plenty of empty chairs and no price difference between seated and general admission.


The General Electric


No Guts No Glory

White Noise *

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