Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nick Oliveri/ Boss Christ - Bar Bodega, Wellington Wed Oct 14, 2009

Above pic: Boss Christ

Below pics: Nick Oliveri

Boss Christ walked on stage unrecognizable as the man from the video from the previous post. He was clean cut except for a moustache. Wearing opened with a song just using footstomping, handclapping and completely foregoing the microphone Boss Christ opened his one man band set. His set consisted of bluesy songs, with deep whiskey drenched vocals played on guitar with occassional use of his kick drum. The Boss' main song topics are about drinking which always goes down well in a bar.

After a short break, Nick Oliveri stepped on stage and played a number of songs. He played a cover of Subhumans' "Wake Up, Screaming", Dwarves and GG Allin covers. Those who came to see him because he was once a member of Queens of The Stone Age walked away happy because a number of their songs were included in his set.
"Autopilot" being the best received as it had been shouted for a number of times.

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