Saturday, October 31, 2009

UK Subs/Skaface Claw/Gaywyre @ Bar Bodega Wellington 22 Oct 2009

Missed the UK Subs the previous night in Palmerston North so went to the Wellington show at Bar Bodega. First band up were Gaywyre, who other than a Discharge cover were very much in power metal mode. A song or two sound either like Helloween or Iron Maiden with shrill squeals that were sometimes used when the singer spoke.

Above pic: Gaywyre

Next in line were Skaface Claw. They'd been a three piece the previous few times I'd seen them. This time they had a different drummer and were playing as a five piece with a keyboard and sax player. Their ska punk went down a treat.

Below pics: Skaface Claw

After a short break headliners UK Subs took the stage and Charlie Harper and Nicky Garret move around the stage like they were at least half their age.
The subs played most of their well known songs like "Warhead", "Stranglehold", "Rockers", "C.I.D." etc. Punkfest being during the weekend brought in extra punters and the crowd was reasonably large.

Below pics: UK Subs

Here's a youtube version of "Warhead" from the show. Warning: The sound quality is similar to the average live tape from tape trading days and will provide nostalgia for some and annoyance to others as it should be.

Original Punks: Original Hits

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