Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reptiles At Dawn - Naked In The Wilderness

Back in the late eighties while staying in Taupo with a great aunt, I first read of Reptiles At Dawn in the UK Heavy Metal magazine, Metal Hammer, in an issue which came free with a huge foldout poster of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson holding a box of the game Risk whilst surrounded by topless women. The review stated that they were a New Zealand band who had moved their reptile house to France. Back then, I had no idea they were the same band as The Henchmen and The Dum Dum Boys whose records I would often see for sale new in the local second hand record and book shop. The Stooges sound stayed and a dedication to Radio Birdman mixes things up just a little. All the references to reptiles and lizards would have made Jim Morrison's leather pants tighten as the blood rushed from his brain to another place or at least made him smile. Jimmy Dean would just drive his death machine.

Get this cold blooded creature


planckzoo said...

Thanks for posting this. I have the lp, it will be nice to have in a digital format as well

Ben said...

Cheers. Ive only got one of their 7 inches so this is great. Henchmen songs on there too right?

Anonymous said...

Cheers can youleasere up this album or what you got from reptiles at dawn?

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