Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bell Street

Bell Street is provincial compilation album from the Taranaki region made in the year 2000. The Agent is a one man band who dabbles in the eighties synth sound. Sync 24 is another solo project but techno oriented. Selling Kain are an actual band with Peter Murphy type vocals, guitar, drums and samples who veer on the alternative pop side of the tracks. Kitsch provide American 90's backwards baseball cap style pop-punk. Peter Jeffries easily has the most interesting track and probably the best known artist. Anita Anker Trio feature Jeffries on drum and do the female singer/songwriter thing in the style of Tanitita Tikaram or Melissa Etheridge. Kat - Nex Door is similar yet different and they're hooked on you.

Schizo Phrenia rock with a 70's female fronted punk sound somewhere between The Slits and Penetration or someone else. I'm scratching my head as to exactly who and you should get scratching to them to. Grab the popcorn as Tracer provide ambient movie soundtrack to a setting of wide open spaces, a snow covered mountain and green rolling pastures with a few hills, where both cows and sheep graze. An industial synthesized beat pulsateds through Kapital's track. Dave Edwards is that drunken stoned guy who probably writes poetry in his spare time, when he is playing sloppy but enjoyable guitar tracks like "Dope Smoke Wizard". Feeling a strange connection is Madison, another female singer/songwriter as is Channa Miriam with a silent C. Billy Ruben is the acoustic guitar alias of Sticky Filth's frontman/bassist Craig Radford. Chronic punk it up with more US style 90's skate punk. John Darling concludes the CD with a strong track featuring slow building sultry vocals.



PGR said...

Chur, rep the prov's, wat is this Russia!? too much reggae for that

Roddus said...

Hey Chris, great blog, just had a quick look over some of your back posts and it was a bit of a trip down memory lane with some of your NZ stuff. I'll be back soon to mine a bit deeper.

Authour said...

haha hilarious.

Aerozol said...

Cheers. The archive is corrupt though (tracks 3 + 12 wont unrar)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up of this????

Would be much appreciated!