Sunday, May 23, 2010


Intemperance is a '92 compilation from the city of Palmerston North, New Zealand. Gravey play alternative pop and fall somewhere between R.E.M, Senseless Things and every jangly indie band that ever wanted to be signed to Flying Nun. Wholesale Drainage gave drinking red wine and spinning Sisters of Mercy records a rest to lend a dark gothic tone with their two songs. Master Cheese Maker worshipped at the altar of Mike Patton's Mr Bungle. The ghost of Ian Curtis sub-lets in Burnt Weeping Eyes. Fader have an admirable stab at the sparse vocals and lush fuzzy guitar pop. Cancer Maidens channel the Butthole Surfers. Hardcore punk anger representatives Sid Vishnu clock up two songs with snotty throated vocals. Loose yourself, it's time to dance to E-haw's screwed up dance music complete with sampling and chainsmoking whiskey soaked vocals. Punks, Motorsheep have a couple of live from the radio tracks. Sampling and electronic beats continues with Zero Tolerance who give advice on how to handle "Diesel and Fertilizer". Monsterworks end precedings with some Sabbat(UK) type metal. Unlike the other bands represented here, this band is still about and now based in the UK. Intemperance is like all small city compilations with the bad to average to good.


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