Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You'll download anything

Step 1: Start an Mp3 blog.
Step 2: Get CD's.
Step 3: Ensure CD's are new and will be popular.
Step 4: Upload or rip off file from another blog.
Step 5: Put up a picture of the album.
Step 6: Think about writing something about the album.
Step 7: Realize writing, reading and leaving blog comments are for idiots because people will download anything like this 6 song Dead Milkmen CD single.

In no time, you will have 1 billion readers.



Anonymous said...

You'll download anything by The Communards
You'll download anything by Book of Love
You'll download anything by The Smiths
You'll download anything by Depeche Commode
You'll download anything by Public Image Limited
You'll download anything by Naked Truth
You'll download anything by any bunch of stupid Europeans who come over here with their big hairdos intent on taking our money instead of leaving your comment, where it belongs, to a decent American blogger like myself!

You'll download anything....

(thanks, love this song!)

convertido said...

Thanks. They always make the wife and I smile. For some reason we never saw the first time around, but we did catch them down in Austin (Texas) at the Fun Fun Fun Fest and they were great. They headlined one night, the Bad Brains played the next. I have to say that DM were the better of the two.

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