Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nine Livez

Hair metal never really made its presence felt in the New Zealand music scene in the 80's or the early 90's. Sure, there were bands with hard rock leanings but the makeup and over the top-ness of the LA bands never caught on that big. Auckland band, Push Push were an exception but they played covers of New Zealand band, The Exponents ( who were undergoing a resurgence after dropping the Dance from their moniker) and Split Enz to ensure local interest. Back then the Exponents were also playing Push Push's No 1. single "Trippin'. Despite the cover of this single Nine Livez were another band, who were caught up in the whole glam metal scene in sound. The Australian Angels(Angels from Angel City in the US) liked them enough to put them along with Shihad on the New Zealnd release B-side of their "Dogs are Talking" single. I owned the single but can't remember a thing about the Nine Livez song. There's nothing certainly unique about this single either as it could have been any band with aspirations of playing LA clubs and picking up girls with shoulder pads, teased dyed blonde hair and tight black jeans.


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