Monday, July 12, 2010

Microtia - Spacemaker CD

Microtia Spacemaker

The press blurb on the back describes Microtia as Bjork pumped with four hundred cc’s of testosterone and put her in a rough edged rock band and the end result will sound something like Portland’s pride powerhouse rock ensemble. Anyone that looks into this due to the Bjork reference will come away disappointed because this is straight ahead rock and offers nothing at all like the Icelandic oddball.

This band borrows liberally from Muse. “1000% sure” could easily pass for one of that band’s songs and many of the others compete for similar cloning. It’s difficult to fault the musicianship of Microtia however that could be said of thousands of bands out there. It’s telling that the most interesting song on this album is entitled, “Add Insult to Injury”. The packaging is more interesting than the music. The CD cover is made from a Bud Light beer box and the song list is on a cutout from a pack of Malboro Lights. Apparently they make their own instruments too. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were light versions of the real McCoy too.


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