Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rocket Jocks - Return to Planet X EP

Gisborne two piece, The Rocket Jocks are back with their heavily Ramones influenced pop-punk. The band once again cover the same lyrical ground of love, lost love and science fiction set on their “Next Stop; Moon” EP. It’s not all about The Ramones as there is a heavy fifties influence on “Lt Uhuru”(although at times the singing reminds me of a few song off ALL’s TonyALL album) and it’s not difficult to imagine Elvis singing “King of Hearts” . “Letterman Jacket” is the catchiest song here and both the fifties and Ramones influence are combined into a tight catchy upbeat pop song. The more upbeat “Internet” contains nerdy humour and most dial-up users should be able to relate “Waiting for the page to load. Estimate 10 minutes, that’s when we’ll begin the show”.

The band’s emphasis on melody and hooks shine through and provide a great counter to those who focus more on their aggressive tough guy stance. I didn’t hear a song that I took to immmediately unlike their previous EP’s “Invasion of The Giant Ants” but that may be due to the fact that I haven’t heard these tunes in a live setting yet. Anyway there are eight songs on this EP, which would be enough for some bands to call their release an album. Arguments about release differences aside, Return to Planet X is a fun listen.


Return To Planet X!

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