Saturday, December 11, 2010


Most Fat Wreck bands do nought for me but Fat Mike signed a far better band than NOFX(although that's hardly a difficult chore) in Uk punk band Snuff. The Fat Wreck site calls Snuff the best British punk band ever but while they're good, there are plenty past British bands like The Toy Dolls who could easily contest that tag.

Over 'ere, guv'ner.

Snuff Said


Brushback said...

I think Snuff and The Stupids are my two favorite British punk bands ever, post-'84 at least.

Chris said...

For me, Leatherface are way up there too though I never really took to the Stupids. I probably shoud dig deeper as I think the only I've heard by them is "Peruvian Vacation".

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