Monday, December 20, 2010

J Minus - Devil Music (2010)

The promo material describes J Minus as an atypical rock band who don't party hard or wear tight pants and the band share only a couple of tattoos between them on alternating weekends. The band definitely aren't hard since they sound more like the Wallflowers than Slayer or Minor Threat(who also didn't party hard or wear tight pants).

The album starter definitely takes cues from Jacob Dylan's crew with a simlilar chorus line. It's hard to differentiate between a drumbeat and handclapping. In contrast, all instruments can be clearly made out in the gently calming light rock of "When the Lights Go Out". Various instruments are clearly used on the begging "Can I Count on You? with the mellow vocals softly dragging the listener in for a sugar-coated ride. "The One" lives up to its name as it's the standout track and has AOR radio hit written all over it due to its sheer catchiness. Oddly, "Into the Dark" reminded me of "Super Star Car Wash" period Goo Goo Dolls. Often with the songs on this album, it's the instrumental introductions that cause interest so they've got it right as far as grabbing attention right away goes while the songs themselves continue to roll gently along.

I'd originally assumed that the cover crayon art was drawn by one of the J Minus guy's kid but turns out the artist is in the family but is actually a sister. Also one of the guys thanks his mother and father but this is hard to make out as the print is in a blue balloon so I hope the parents don't have failing eyesight. The fact that J Minus have two other albums out there makes this the band's grown up album and the album title(Devil Music, when really it's about as evil and offensive as a paper clip) and childish artwork betray their maturity.


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