Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Lick

Black Lick are a local band who have played support to a number of internationals. With two members holding US passports, the Wellington band themselves could qualify as internationals. The band have changed drummers a few times since the release of their original demo which I picked up a couple of years back. The band bulldoze with a rumbling Motorhead bass and Dwarves speed. Of course, this three song recording is no substitute for seeing them live.



Brushback said...

This almost makes me think of a rougher-sounding Hard-Ons.

Chris said...

Yeah, I can hear that. Watched the aussie crime series "Underbelly" recently. "Girl In The Sweater" was one of the songs used in it. I don't think Black Lick play any of those songs on the demo anymore, at least they didn't when they supported GBH or The Vibrators.

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