Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's come to my attention that some of you out there consider Nirvana's "Nevermind" to be the most important released in 1991 but that's because you missed Leatherface's "Mush". If you haven't heard the band, imagine Lemmy from Motorhead fronting Husker Du and consistently keeping a melody. First time I heard it was on cassette which ended up being played a lot on my Ford Escort car radio/cassette player which decided the band not only sounded great but was also nutritous and ate the tape.

Eat it up.

The Stormy Petrel


Roddus said...

Hmmm, Never heard of them and I was an avid NME reader back then and read all their coverage of the Grunge thing at the time. "Nevermind was a bloody good album but I prefer their debut "Bleach". A far stronger album. Anyhow thanks for the Mush, looking forward to checking them out.

eventhejungle said...

Thanks Man, i vaguely remember a friend telling me to check these guys out but i'd totally forgotten...he mentioned something like them being a rare example of a band from england that is little known over there, but has a big following in the US. (and at least one fan in NZ!) Take care.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks!

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