Sunday, December 25, 2011

Aaron Poehler - You had to leave your mark


As any music blogger who leaves an easily readable email address on their blog, we often get overwhelmed with spam from publicists, musicians and bands wanting reviews or wanting their latest album posted for download.  Often it just gets ignored as it is easy to tell that they even looked at the blog.  I receive info about bad pop groups that rip off other bad pop groups about shows I'll never attend.  Whether this is because Rupert Murdoch broke Myspace I'll likely never know or the fact that like most of the world's population I never use that site any more and it was only really to listen to bands when I did.  Heard an interesting fact that 80 percent of the world own a cellphone.  It'd be good to know the percentage that own one but keep thinking about throwing it away or running it over because that's where I fit.

Anyway it's always great to know that an email correspondent has actually read some of the blog and San Diego resident,  Aaron Poehler clearly had and as a zine producer and reviewer has an understanding of the process from both sides.  Aaron let us know about his second album "You had to Leave Your Mark", which he describes as indie-rock music with guitar.

If Sonic Youth produced a song with Mark Lanegan on vocals it'd sound a lot like "Spray Vandalism"

There's a Tom Waits feel to "An Accident of Birth" due to both the vocals and the use of unexpected instruments coming in at unexpected times.  There's a beautiful laid-back quietness to "Maybe Great Discoveries".

There's a tale of desperation to "Last Call" 

Hear Aaron Poehler's complete album, "You had to Leave Your Mark"  here.

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