Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Unlike the picture above we're a little more giving here.  Here's a christmas pressie from our friends at xo publicity that they wanted us to share with all of you.

Songs are:

 Piney Gir - "Christmas Time"
Climber - "Holiday Hoopla"
Pictures Of Then - "I Believe In Father Christmas"
 Jessie Torrisi - "I Lose a Little Bit of You"
 Kulewa - "I'll Be Home"
Magnuson - "O Come Emmanuel"
 Rags & Ribbons - "Greensleeves"
The Janks - "Silent Knight"
The Winter Sounds - "Stranded in Snowville"
 Beneath Wind and Waves - "The Gift"
Bradley Wik and The Charlatans - "Midwest Winters"

It's worth it for "Midwest Winters" alone although for me, winter and Christmas don't go hand and hand.  I'm sitting here in shorts and a T-shirt as I type.  Enjoy your Christmas daze.

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Garageland said...

Merry Christmas from Germany !!!!

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