Monday, January 30, 2012

Avskum - Upprorr Underifran

AVSKUM “Uppror Underifran“, 2008

Swedish d-beat band, Avskum have been knocking around for some time (30 years) so there is a good chance that you may well have seen your local pro advertising anti-corporation anti-consumerism crust punk wearing one of their patches on their studded jackets or unwashed pants.

“Uppror Underifran” contains 16 songs which last a fast, furious and ferocious 25 minutes.  The lyrics are in the band’s native language with the exception of three songs.  The band take their cue from Discharge(duh) however there’s also a Motorhead feel especially to a lot of the bass playing.  “Slutet” more than hints that  are also familiar with GBH with the bass rhythms used.  I’m certain that  the first four letters of the song title were an intentional reference.  “The Massacre in Fallujah”  rips in a similar style with an even heavier bass sound.  The vocals are shouted over frenetic drums, bass and guitar.

After repeat listening some songs do tend to reveal a sameness.  However Avskum do mix it up more than other bands within the same punk sub-genre so further listens are far from a painful chore.  Judging by this album Avskum have earned their garment defacing place.  Recommended.


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