Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hellacaust - Disgust

Hello, Precious.  When you’re finished obsessing with the ring, Gollum, meet your sound alike from black metal band Hellacaust.  Although this band attended all the workshops in the dark forests they also paid attention in the hardcore punk class.  Listening to “Whore”  it’s easy to imagine that Bl'ast could have sounded like this back in the 80’s if they been paying attention to both Black Flag and black metal.  There’s also the shouted gang choruses after the George Carlin sample on “Millenial Regression”.

Through the dark thrashing woods comes a guitar sound made by swarms of giant bumblebees encircling a working buzzsaw.   The vocals are strong and clear as they could get for a creature of another earth.  Some Germanic thrash metal sound with tasty frenzy whipping leads is added now and again on “Feeding The Wound”.    Hardcore thrashing black metal is the only apt description for “What we say is real”.  It is unfortunate that often on the album, the drums are muffled and the blastbeats sound like someone with a 300 word per minute typing speed going hell for leather on an antiquated typewriter with no regard for error.  The first two songs blur together, nevertheless Hellacaust have managed to make an album that survives relistens by staying within their comfort zone when mixing sub-genres and provide variety moving from a slow death grind to extreme speed.  The lyrics are based in reality yet this album is a soundtrack for sloppily slaughtering Orcs in the pitch black of night with a giant axe.


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