Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sonic Negroes/The Hip Priests - Dogfight

(Zodiac Killer)

The term “dogfight” describes a fierce battle between two or more opponents.  In today’s punk ‘n’ roll bout we have two well-matched battlers.  ,In one corner representing Sweden we have the Sonic Negroes and in the other side of the ring we have The Hip Priests from the UK.  The UK representatives start the show off by telling all and sundry “Let’s Get Fucked”.  They receive zero points for subtley but successfully combine the three vital elemements of their chosen musical style into a single frenzied song.  Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are the bases covered in the lyrics and the UK contingent assure in one break-neck song that they are a threatening band.   Too many other bands attempt the same themes but sadly struggle to inject even a minimum dose of menace over the course of an entire album.  This is a sleazy band that should be kept a safe distance from your little sister and any other female companions.  Go on, guess, exactly what, “She Loves It” is about?  Too late for the youngest one but a restraining order might not be out of the question.  “Rip Them Off” has a simplistic Ramones chorus but these priests are blessed with an ever present Motorhead bulldozer capable of ripping and shredding the thickest jungles to pieces.

With their chosen name alone, it’s clear that the Swedish crew, Sonic Negroes wear their Norwegian influence on their collective sleeves.  It’d be far too easy to totally write them off as generic Turbonegro clones but lucky for everyone, the songs of the Swedes stack up well on their own accord.  Evident on “Born to Be Gone” is occassional use of express pace piano tinkering ensures any hurled accusations of mere carbon copying are stopped dead in their tracks.  There’s a revved up and modified corpse of MC5 inhabiting, rocking and breathing life into the twenty-first century through the presence of these swedes.

With the referee knocked out by both contestants picking a winner is a difficult feat however the trophy goes to the finishers Sonic Negroes largely due to better production which lead to a clearer vocal and overall sound.   In comparison, the Hip Priests’ vocals sounded buried in the background over their primal garage rock.

 Disclaimer:  This “Dogfight” was legally organized for disturbing the peace with the volume turned up above maximum.  No animals were hurt in the writing of this review.


Hip Priests facebook page

Sonic Negroes facebook page

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