Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tribulation - The Horror

TRIBULATION “The Horror”, 2008

The Horror *

Fast, furious completed with vocals that sound like a zombie with a hole in the trachea.  Swedish death metallers Tribulation fit all of those descriptions.  A feeling of downright eerieness is orchestrated here due to the occassional slow build up in both the short album intro to a track before severe death thrash pummeling.  The background scream in the middle of “Beyond The Horror” before the band slow down and the keyboard outro of the blackened thrash of  “The Vampyre” made the hair on the nape of my neck stand upright.  The tight as hell thrashing is reminiscent of the likes of early Kreator and Slayer with tasty lead guitar and rapid thumping double bass.    “Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh” best demonstates the band’s precision skill at quick as hell changes. The tempo sometimes unnoticeably slows down before hurtling the listener back into a frenzy of neck-snapping bliss.

Apparently there was a previous release by this band eight years.  This leads to the conclusion that Tribulation have obviouly spent some worthwhile time honing their craft and come up with an album that beats the listener into submission much like being on the wrong end of a lead pipe over the head.


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