Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Thomas Function- In The Valley of Sickness

There’s an undeniable infectious upbeat pop sensibility pouring through Thomas Function’s sophomore outing.   Over the course of the album garage rock, punk, 60’s pop and new wave melt together often in a single song with an ease that can only be done with strong song writing.  Helium fueled vocals, backed with an arsenal of jangly guitars, a synthesizer and simple drumming, propel the band further into a world of chirpiness.  “Picking Scabs” bounces around more than Mexican jumping beans on a trampoline due to both the synth rythms and drumbeats and occassional all in choruses.

Although the keyboards are manic in “Ew Way Ew”, the song’s catchy hooks ensure that they never totally dominate and the track is just one example of a brain eating amoeba that digs into your head to stay.   “Belly of The Beast” travels to the sixties and the melodies make it difficult not to compare this track with The Beatles. A sickly sugary soulful chorus surprises and betrays the slow building synthesizer ticking new wave intro to  “When I Was King”.   While a few of the songs could be considered a little too long, this is one heavy weight power-pop album. So keep your fingers crossed that Thomas Function can keep the momentum and quality up.


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