Friday, February 17, 2012

Bob Log - My Shit is Perfect

Bob Log III,  “My Shit is Perfect”, 2009
(Voodoo Rhythm)

A couple of years ago I attended a punk festival and the show was stolen from all of the four on the floor bands by a guy who called himself, Boss Christ, who had huge wolfman sideburns and played a slide guitar laid out on a table.  Someone at the show compared him to Bog Log although admitting their schtick differed slightly so I checked out some live clips on Youtube and then promptly forgot about the flight helmet wearing, slide guitar playing lo-fi one-man band that is Bob Log.   So when this reminder in album form popped up in my review package, I was curious to give it a listen.

“My Shit is Perfect”  is largely a mixture of bluegrass and blues. The guitar often sounds like the open-mouthed kid, who sat behind you in some high school class, playing with the rubber bands on his teeth braces.  The first song “Goddamned Sounds Good” starts off well and gets funky with the heavy use of his kick drum but the song soon wears out it welcome due to its repetiveness in both sound and lyrics.  Whether it’s intentional or not, the fact is hammered home since it’s on the album twice.  “It’s The Law” and “Manipulate Your Figments” have an unoriginality that may bring Beck’s lawyer to a copyright trial.  As the album winds on, it’s difficult to distinguish where exactly where one song finishes and another starts as there is a “heard it before” vibe due to overused twanging riffs that make it tough to listen to the album from start to finish.  This tongue in cheek novelty album has all the substance of an instant soup concentrate.


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