Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heat From A Dead Star - Seven Rays of The Sun

Heat From a Dead Star, “Seven Rays of The Sun”,  (2009)
(Ace of Hearts)

A game of pin the tail the donkey involving London based French experimental art-rock trio Heat From a Dead Star would be a tough proposition judging from the band’s music.  Stylistically, they are nearly all over the show ranging from noisy and chaotic, jazzy with piano on “Gallows” to the quiet 80’s Flying Nun roster jangly indie pop on “Daylight”.  There’s a harsh late 80’s Sonic Youth guitar sound in “Messy Kid” with vocals ranging from quiet off-key sung pieces to manic shouting.  “Seahorse Seafish” is sparse vocally letting the guitar sound shimmer and shine.  “Psychotic Girl” and “Craving” rapidly chug along with Fugazi-esque industrial rythms.   The album’s guitar work often begs for and captivates listener attention over and above the other instruments.  There are moments of brilliance on “Seven Rays of The Sun” but the movement in various directions is a definite handicap as Heat From a Dead Star currently lacks any genuine focal point.


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