Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boozed - One Mile

Boozed “One Mile”, 2009
(Chorus of One)

Boozed are an Italian band who suffer from Scandanavian rock envy so much that they enlisted a member of the Hellacopters to play on one song.    It’s high-energy rock but often there’s an x-factor missing as most of these songs just come up flat.  The nicotine and alcohol soaked vocals oddly don’t do these guys any favors except providing evidence of how they dreamt up their unimaginative chosen band name.  “You Gotta Go Again” is paint by numbers fast paced rock that just leaves this listener cold.   The slow stomping of “Speak By The Haze” could be a disregarded track from The Cult with its Brian Johnson type screaming nearing the end of the song.   Some things are just better left on the cutting room floor.  The country tinged ballad “Easy” gives the impression that twenty years ago these guys would have been a second or third rate LA style glam metal band.  “One Mile To The Moon” starts in John Cougar Mellancamp pop fashion but at the very end becomes guitar heavy with misplaced screaming.   The piano and organ on “Don’t Hold Back” is as out of place as a nun in a whorehouse although the scant female vocals add a nice touch.  Expectations of pub rock come from a band titled Boozed and the song “Next Door” provides exactly that.  This album can be comfortably filed next to Cinderella as despite the efforts to be otherwise there’s lipstick in those jeans and leather jacket pockets as there’s an 80’s style hair band dying to get out here.


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