Saturday, February 11, 2012

Truckstop Lovechild - Three Chords From the Truth

TRUCKSTOP LOVECHILD “Three Chords From the Truth”
(Zodiac Killer)

Groups of friends are gathered at a bar chatting and drinking.  A local band comes and plays. Most people continue talking but a few heckle the band and a few intoxicated brave souls get up and dance.   The next day everything about the band is quickly forgotten.  The only thing setting Truckstop Lovechild apart from that band is a memorable name. This band plays hard rock with a slight punk edge. There are a few songs here that aren’t unlike later Rollins Band but there’s none of that band’s energy or intensity.  On songs like “Speed Freak”  and “Dirty Air” Vince Ferarri sounds a lot like Henry Rollins but has an even more limited vocal range.  It’s frustrating because there’s a remote possibility that the band could convey some emotion and excitement with a furious frontman.

There’s more than an inkling that this band would really like to convey a sense of danger and hard partying with both early Motley Crue leads and song titles like “I’m Drunk” and “Liquor Store”.   There’s a moment of identity crisis or maybe they just want to make sure the listener knows the band lives for drugs and rock ‘n’roll on “Girl on The Hill” where the band try their hand at stoner rock and come up with half-baked results.   The album closer “Rock It” is a song that any average high school hard rock band could have written.   The report card comment written for Truckstop Lovechild is “Needs to try harder”.


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