Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Danko Jones - Below The Belt

Below the Belt [Digipak]

A Danko Jones album was always going to be awaited with drooling anticipation due to the fact that the Canadian  band set a dizzying pummeling hard rock template with “We Sweat Blood”.

Like its predeccessors, “Below the Belt” contains more than a few punches.  There’s the cocky attitude of “Two Active Volcanoes”   that  invokes Kiss.  Never failing to rock AC/DC riffs are ultilized within the hooky “Tonight is Fine” and “The Sore Loser”.   “Magic Snake” is a fast paced rocker with lyrics full of clever innuendo.  An irressistible drumbeat makes it way through “I Can’t Handle Moderation” and the rhythm section prove that Danko Jones is much more than just the Dan Jones show.  “Full of Regret” channels Thin Lizzy with catchy hooks, melody and chorus.   Whilst otherwise enjoyable “I Wanna Break UpWith You” comes across as a little too long and repeating the line “everybody break up” as many times as possible doesn’t help its cause and gives the song a cheesy disco flavour.

“Below the Belt” ascertains that Danko Jones trio are back and mean business.   Despite the slight presence of filler material that will give the fast forward button a work-out, this album is solid and once again demands replaying.


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