Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dead to Me - African Elephants

Dead to Me   “African Elephants”, 2009
(Fat Wreck Chords)

Even if you’ve never watched “Day of Our Lives”, you’ll have an awareness that ignoring the sands passing through the hourglass is tough.  It’s apparent that despite gray hairs, wrinkles and senility taking over the mind and settling into stay, music and fashion trends often come and go.  Whether it’s the Nirvana alike closer “Blue”, reggae of “X”, the or the album’s more commonplace Down By Law pop punk, it’s clear that Dead to Me would have been more at home in the nineties.

Dead to Me mix up of “alternative “ styles that were edging towards mainstream over a decade ago and as a consequence, the songs not only sound dated but the band’s personality shines through about as clearly as the invisible man without the bandages. If you lived through the nineties, you’ve likely heard much better versions of this album without the cut and paste compilation album effect.   If you’re over ten, can tie your own shoelaces and are capable of wearing a baseball cap correctly then pass on this pop punk Miley Cyrus equivalent.


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