Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doomdogs - Doomdogs

Swedish band Doomdogs couldn’t be accused of re-inventing the wheel.  The band have worked out which tried and true formula works for them and stuck with it.    The eight-minute disc opener recalls the beaten path of fellow swedish doomsters Candlemass.  “Dogs of Doom”  is a straight ahead Motorhead styled rocker complete with Lemmy style vocals.  The Lemmy style vocals abrasively mix with slow paced doom metal in “The Game”.  “Calling” is so weighted down with heaviness that through the length of eight minutes, it moves at a snail’s pace although it is more likely that the band plan to make time stand still by playing so slowly.  “Shout” is faster and the sandpaper raw vocals are more effective with the change in pace and simple one-word chorus.   Around the four-minute mark, the Doomdogs provide a fitting Sabbath-y refrain.  

While there’s nothing wrong with the playing on this debut, I just wish the Doomdogs didn’t remind me of bands who gave the world fatastic first albums.    It’s impossible to escape the feeling that DOOMDOGS are a band still finding their feet as the straight rock doesn’t sit that well with the five long doom metal songs.  Having said that, Doomdogs are still definitely a band keeping on an eye on.


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