Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mogul - Build Me a Hunchbank

Mogul “Build Me A Hunchback”, 2008

For every good band there are hundreds of thousands of shitty imitators.  Mogul would mostly  like to be  “Rated R” period Queens of The Stone Age.  It’s a shame that every song on “Build Me a Hunchback” is like the meat and other items that go into sausages.  Sure the meat is great when it’s hot and cooked, preferably on a barbecue. Realistically though, that meat is sweepings of the leftover premium and average goods.  Simply put, this is filler material. There’s no attempt made to stand out from the rest of the stoner crowd.   Every song sounds like it has been lifted from a better band and then watered down.  “Return the Blues” has a slight Fu Manchu feel.   The riffing and vocal styling on “Narrow Shoes” is lifted straight from a recent Josh Homme textbook.  “Genie 18” is more of the same but is long and bores.  If Mogul had cut this song from seven minutes to three minutes, the song would have been better. “Hold On” attempts to vary precedings with an opening powerchord but then the band’s rhythm section come in  and the band consider repetitive riffs and lyrics to be a good idea.  “Sidekick” and  “All of My Bleeding” look longingly with envy towards Kyuss.

 The production is great but these songs are more sterile than a vasectomy clinic run by Lorena Bobbit.
It’d be a lie to suggest this album is vital for fans of the prevoiusly mentioned bands.  It’s likely they all ready own the albums Mogul base their sound on and this album will fall to the back of the pile in no time.  Choose steak, next time.


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