Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dali's Llama - Full On Dunes

Dali's Llama “Full on Dunes”, 2008
(Dali’s Llama)

The fuzzed out guitars with more than a touch of a Black Sabbath influence put three piece band Dali's Llama  firmly in the stoner rock category.  The vocals are often reminiscent of Layne Stayley but the music on “Full On Dunes” is for the most part far heavier than anything Alice in  Chains released.  The spoken part on “King Platypus” has a similar feel to the spoken part on MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams” and then a grooving’ fuzzed out rockin’ heaviness kicks in.    “Cheap and Portable” slows preceding down with a John Fogerty inspired sound.  “Floating” slows things down with a laidback  Alice in Chains vibe.  Then the band picks up the heaviness again in the final songs although the vocals are similar.   Oddly this album seems to end abruptly despite the final song “Aqua-fuzz” being  4 minutes of power stoner groove.  Maybe it’s just an odd choice for a final song, who knows?

The production by Scott Reeder is great.  The vocals and fuzzed out guitars are the strongest feature in the mix.  The drums are in the background but thankfully not too much.    If stoner rock is your cup of green herbal tea then you could do worse than picking up “Full On Dunes”.

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