Monday, March 12, 2012

Teenage Fanclub - Shadows

TEENAGE FANCLUB – “Shadows, 2010

Jangly guitars and strong chirpy vocals characterize the power pop of Scottish band Teenage Fanclub.   Sixties pop resonates strongly within the rythmic guitar and vocals of “Baby Lee” and the keyboard heavy“Dark Clouds”.  “The Fall” is a fantastic melodic pop song with the winning combination of strong songwiting and sickly sweet male vocals.  Crowded House fans should be impressed with “Shock and Awe” and  “Live with the Seasons” as it’s difficult to listen to and not simultaneously think of Neil Finn’s better material with that band.  Actually come to think of it “When I Still Have Thee”, “Sweet Days Waiting and a few others sound like they could have been easily pulled from the great  “Everybody is Here” album that he did with his older brother Tim.   Whether it’s coincidence or an inspired choice of plagiarism doesn’t really matter as there just isn’t a single dud song on “Shadows”.

With so many interchangable faceless cookie cutter uninspired metal bands that just don’t any more cutting, blur together soundalike pop-punk bands and interchangable indie rock that simply refuses to do the rock part, it’s truly a pleasure to hear and review a band capable of putting out quality music.


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