Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valkyrie - Man of Two Visions

Valkyrie- Man of Two Visions(2008)
(Noble Origin)

   There’s definitely an early seventies hard rock feel to this disc.  Opener “Running Out”is an uptempo number reminiscent of early Iron Maiden and draws the listener in with its twin guitar harmonies and clean dual vocals.   The fuzzed out guitars wail on the contrasting down tempo“Dawntide’s Breeze” as the rhythm section shakes and stirs.  Those that have calling this band a doom band feed misinformation although there’s no mistaking the shades of  “ Master Of Reality” era Black Sabbath on “False Dreams” and “Man of Two Visions”.  The stunning opening to the instrumental “Green Highlander” put a pleasant chill down the back of my neck and music hasn’t caused that for years.  Repeating that sensation has long been one of my personal reasons for exploring new music.  If you shut your eyes the images of lush green hills come to you.  The other instrumental “The Gorge” also conjures up the landscape of its namesake.  “Apocalypse Unsealed” begins with a Celtic feel and utilizing dual guitar takes in early Iron Maiden without cloning them as the rhythm section scorches. There are definitely otherworldly psychic powers at work, as these guys flow off each other perfectly.

This is the type of album that makes the other jealous because of the amount of time spent with it.  Secure your firewalls and remember all your lock combinations because you’ll be diving back for more.


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